Friday, October 26, 2012

Being Mommy: Toddler Toys

I really hesitate to buy toys that are what I call "space splurges" - living in NYC, space is a hot commodity, and I think 1000x times before buying little J her next big toy. Recently, I space-splurged on two items that have really been paying off.

The first is her Step 2 Kitchen. I did a lot of research and chose this as the most space-efficient but long lasting. It's priced well too, and is extremely safe and sturdy. Take a look here at little J's Dream Kitchen. This thing is amazing! First of all it comes with a china cabinet, microwave with real live noises, an oven with timer, and a cordless phone. Wowza. Placing a pot on the burner prompts boiling noises, and putting a pan there makes sizzling noises! Additionally, I bought a basic fruit and vegetable set with a chopping board.  Little J spends a lot of time washing dishes, pressing buttons, turning on and off the oven light, and making "veggie soup." Yummm. I think this is something she will enjoy for years to come, especially with add ons like this pizza kit. This was worth the price in dollars and in space!

I started seeing that little J could really use a small table and chairs to work on coloring projects, and play with her mini doll house. She seemed to love eating snacks at a table, but needed something just her size. Again, I didn't want to take up a lot of space especially in case she didn't end up liking the table and chairs. I did some research and am so happy to have found a wooden, washable and perfect sized set on amazon.... it even has a little cubby for crayons! I couldn't believe the value on little J's table and chairs. And it matches her room perfectly. Happy Momma. 

She loves having tea, coloring and reading at this table. This is a great gift for the toddler in your life :)

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