Monday, October 29, 2012

Hurricane Sandy and Yummy Eggs

We all got a day off today thanks to Hurricane Sandy... we're stuck inside, but taking this opportunity to catch up on lots of other things! I was in the mood to make a yummy breakfast and took inspiration from two different dishes we loved at Babette's this past weekend. I had the Eggs Romano - poached eggs over broccoli rabe and crispy polenta, drenched in a roasted tomato broth. A couple of my friends tried Tuscan Quinoa Bowl which was kale and butternut squash with sunny side up eggs, over quinoa.  Both were delicious and I wanted to try to mimic the tastes using ingredients I had at home. I ended up making poached eggs with spinach and crispy home fries, over spicy couscous. You can make a similar dish with any pantry ingredients you may have lying around!

Poached Eggs with Spinach, Paprika Potatoes and Spicy Couscous

Eggs (4 eggs for 2 adults)
Spinach (2 handfuls is perfect)
Potatoes (1 small is enough for 2 adults)
Couscous (2 cups)
Spices you have on hand (I used salt, black pepper, my favorite fajita seasoning blend, paprika and a touch of cumin on the potatoes)

Boil the potatoes (I use this pressure cooker to make the process faster!)
Sauté the spinach in a dash of olive oil, add a dash of salt
Boil the couscous, then add the fajita seasoning blend (or any other spices you like)

Once the potatoes are boiled, chop into squares (I keep the skin the taste)
Bring olive oil to a simmer in a pan, add cumin, paprika and salt
Sauté the potatoes in the oil/spices until slightly crispy

This is the best way to poach an egg:
Bring water in a saucepan to almost boiling (some add a dash of vinegar when boiling begins, I don't)
Separately, crack an egg into a cup and then slowly drop the egg into the nearly boiling water
Use 2 spoons to gently hold the egg together (by creating a wall around the egg in water)
Once the egg starts to congeal, turn off the heat and cover the pot
Let it sit for 4-5 minutes, then use a wide slotted spoon to cup out the eggs

Layer the dish with couscous first, then the spinach and potatoes, and add your poached eggs last. Top with sea salt and black pepper... enjoy with a hot cup of coffee!

Hurricane Sandy on its way to NYC

The wind is roaring outside! Hope everyone stays safe and dry over the next couple of days.

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