Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Quack Quack... Happy Halloween!

Unfortunately for many, trick-or-treating was postponed or cancelled this year due to Hurricane Sandy. NYC's annual Halloween Parade in the West Village was even cancelled to conserve resources like city police officers. Luckily, trick-or-treating still continued in our building. Little J dressed up as a duck this year... it was the first time she went trick-or-treating, and although she may not have understood it all, she loved it. People ooh and ahh over my outfit and give me candy, and mommy lets me eat (some) of it? AWESOME.


She even got a special Hello Kitty trick-or-treat set from her Aunt & Uncle who are crashing with us until their power returns! It was complete with a new lunchbox, sand pail, candy necklace, key chain, placemat, snow globe, and tons of candy. Little J was over the moon.

Hope you all had a safe and sweet Halloween!

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