Thursday, October 25, 2012

Restaurant Review: Ilili

We checked out ilili last week with a high school friend and his wife. I was the only vegetarian at the table, but I was not the only one impressed with this restaurant! ilili is a casual but cool vibe, deliciously filling, flavorful food, and great cocktails. So many options for veggies like me! I had been for drinks and apps once before, but this was my first time dining there. I got to try the Warm Eggplant, Batata Harra, and Brussel Sprouts to start... mmm. The Brussels Sprouts were served with a tangy mint yogurt, and the the Batata Harra were surprisingly spicy. The Warm Eggplant was the crowd pleaser though, with its savory stewed taste. The portions here are great and the vibe makes you want to linger...

The Vegetable Risotto was a perfect entree... ripe with seasonal vegetables like squash and topped off with an ideal amount of parmesan to add some kick. I washed down my meal with the Argentinian Malbec, and everyone at my table enjoyed different selections from the nice sized wine list. All in all, this was a great week night pick!

Next time I'm going to try the Tabbouleh and the Rkaykat... my mediterranean fave. Not sure how I missed those this time around!

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