Friday, November 16, 2012

Being Mommy: Fun Gift for a Toddler!

Little J has been talking a lot these days, and she loves to say words and name names. She especially loves listing all the family members she knows... ones that live near and far, and ones she's only met a few times! Sometimes she really amazes me with her memory...

Anyway, that got me thinking of a good way for her to see everyone everyday and remember those that are nearest and dearest to all of us. Combined with her love of books and reading (just like her momma!), I wanted to make her a personalized family book. It was her Diwali present and our family enjoys it as much as she does!

I made this through IPhoto in Mac, and I'm so happy with how it came out. It's hardcover, with thick, glossy and large (11x9) pages. Each page has a picture of little J with a different family member, with the name/title of that family member at the bottom. I used the last 8-10 pages to make a collage of lots of pictures of our close family and friends, mostly ones that include little J. She really gets a kick out of looking at these pictures and naming everyone she can recognize! She squealed with delight when we first showed her the book... and proceeded to correctly name almost everyone in the book! I'm such a proud momma.

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