Friday, December 7, 2012

Top Gifts for your SECRET SNOWFLAKE so they hope you draw their name again next year

Secret Santa/Snowflake/Elf gifts are the hardest... usually they are for co-workers, the budget is limited, and you have to lug them to a party after work. Here are some great finds under $10 and $25 for your co-worker or your spouse's stocking:

$10 or Under:

A monogrammed coffee mug to get the morning started

For the major coffee addict, this is a fun office plant 

Jingle Bell wine charms, perfect for entertaining around the holidays

Who wouldn't love these adorable thank you notes

Cute socks for a fun guy

Useful and adorable dog travel kit would be ideal for a puppy lover

Get your favorite doodler this stencil set to make your next team meeting a success

This is an awesome gift for a tech junkie

These come in every color and variety, sure to please everyone on your list... and great for the environment, too

Keep one at home and one in your office kitchen for perfectly hot teas every time, with a place to keep the teabag! genius.

For Soft lips even in dry office heat

$25 or Under:

Beautiful cheese board for entertaining over the holidays

To keep her cosmetics in a cute pouch

Whiskey stones for a cold, but not diluted, whiskey or cocktail

Beautiful leather phone case to keep ID, cash and your iphone

I'm obsessed with these flexible trivets...

Incredibly warm earmuffs that won't mess up your hair!

Heavenly bath products that are as yummy as they are pretty

Cheeky card case to impress clients (and opposing counsel...)

This adorable Jonathan Adler keychain to brighten their day

How cute is this sweet & festive rolling pin to keep those holiday goodies rolling in....

CUTEST appetizer plates

For perfectly chilled wine without planning ahead

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