Thursday, January 17, 2013

Being Mommy: iPad Apps for Toddlers (To Play or Not to Play??)

I'm sure many moms agree with me.... balancing a healthy dose of technology in our toddler's life is always a struggle. TV, or no TV? If so, how much? What shows?? I feel the same way about the iPad. In one sense, I hate to rely on it as a means to entertain my active, curious toddler. But at the same time,  it's nice for a car ride or restaurant party where she can keep busy, entertain herself, and be content while I can still carry on an adult conversation. Little J is just starting to get to the age where she has been enjoying playing games on the iPad and she has been increasingly asking for it. I am reluctant to give it to her... it is a slippery slope to get to the point where she wants to play games instead of have conversations, and stare at a screen instead of playing with her peers. Why should she color with fake crayons on an iPad when we have tons of real crayons and real coloring books all over our apartment?? Is it really fun to play a fake piano versus a real one? I was thinking how I would not want little J to replace real books with iPad books only, but didn't I do that somewhat when I bought into the Kindle concept? Whatever you decide, it's important to remember that this is the next generation, and while there is value in traditional toys and traditional learning, there is also value in technological advancements.

Some of the iPad apps we've checked out to feel better after a boo-boo, or to tolerate long car rides, or as a special treat, are really fun & entertaining. Some of them are really great for teaching letters, words, shapes, colors, etc. Here's a list of some fun ones we've been exploring. Does anyone have others to add to the list?? I'd love to hear.

Monkey Lunch
Monkey Math
Books (like Cat in the Hat)
Easy Bake Oven
Talking Hippo
Drawing Pad
Fish School
Music Sparkle
ABC Tracer
Teach Me Pre-School
Nick Jr Draw & Play
Bubble Guppies

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