Wednesday, January 9, 2013

iMovie & Highlight Videos

Have any of you played around with iMovie, the amazing feature that comes with Mac? I am newly obsessed with it these days. I've been putting together mini videos, highlight films, and slideshows for a while now, but iMovie lets me take my amateur skills to a new level. Check out this video I made of our Whistler ski trip from last year.

Whistler 2012 Highlight Video

Doesn't it just make you want to hit the slopes??

This video is easier to make than it seems. You just add movie clips via iMovie, pull in photos from iPhoto, and add music from iTunes! It's such a nice way to mix together video and photo footage in one place, and creating a highlight reel of a vacation is the best way to preserve the memories. I find I never care to look at tons of videos from our vacations, but having clips of them set to music and with pictures, makes the videos so accessible and fun to watch. Playing around with transitions and special features in iMovie is really fun too. If you have a mac, check out the tutorial that comes along with will be on your way to professional looking videos in no time!

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