Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Roundup

1. Visited the Jain Temple in Elmhurst on Sunday morning... little J looked like such a doll in her traditional attire, and she had a blast dancing to the devotional songs

2. Saw Argo on Friday night (finally!) and love love loved it. I'm still not sure it was best-picture worthy (my favorite was Lincoln, and close second was Les Mis), but I'm so happy for Ben Affleck

3. Had dinner at Naya on Saturday night... it's our local favorite. I'm obsessed with the Rekakat (3 cheese blend in phyllo!) and their yummy tahini + green hot sauce. It's worth a try!! And there are so many veggie options...

4. Lots of family time this weekend, and I especially loved watching daddy and little J time. Being daddy's princess is just the best.

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