Thursday, February 28, 2013

What to Read When You're Expecting

Pregnancy is an exciting time, filled with wonder and worry. It can be overwhelming... and there are a lot of books out there so it's hard to navigate the right ones to read. When I was first pregnant, I read the typical books, and a few others that I especially liked. This time around, I find myself more interested in reading about life with two kids rather than about pregnancy. Here are my favorite books to read while expecting. Some of them focus on the actual pregnancy, and others are more geared toward child rearing.

The 100 Healthiest Foods to Eat During Pregnancy by by Dr. Johnny Bowden is a practical guide to what's good for you and your baby... this is eye-opening and should really be on every kitchen counter.

The Happiest Baby on the Block by Harvey Karp is an incredible book about parenting, focusing on newborn concerns like unexplained crying, and also concentrating on de-mystifying sleep. I read this the first time around but I can't wait to read it again, having already had the experience once. Karp likens infancy to an imaginary fourth trimester... and his suggestions about sleep really do work. I know so many moms who swear by the techniques in this book, and every parent should read this to prepare themselves for the sweet but confusing days after the baby's birth. I also read the Happiest Toddler on the Block, and found that to be great too!

A Child is Born by Linnart Nilsson is more of an excruciatingly detailed reference book from all stages of pregnancy from attraction and fertilization to birth (including many chapters regarding infertility, IVF and other complications), but the pictures in this book are amazing. I was in awe.

Belly Laughs by Jenny McCarthy is a refreshing, detailed and funny book about the trials and tribulations of a pregnant woman. McCarthy bares all - the beautiful, the ugly and the uglier. This is an honest, well-written and hysterical read. You will feel like you've entered a sisterhood of fellow pregnant women!

Baby Catcher by Peggy Vincent is a book filled with the chronicles of a modern mid-wife. I havent read this yet (just ordered it on amazon!), but apparently it details several live births, and gives a non-western, non-hospitalized portrayal of birth. I'm excited to explore a different perspective!

Get the dads involved! I got hubby this book which is practical but funny, and teaches the daddies not only how to deal with a pregnant woman, but also how to prepare for birth.... he loved it!

What else did you or are you reading while expecting? I'd love to hear!

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