Thursday, March 14, 2013

Baby Essentials: What You Need the First 6 Months

Figuring out what you need to get for a new baby can be so confusing and overwhelming. This post is to help you streamline the options and narrow down to what's necessary. The first 6 months are all about feeding, sleeping and cuddling. Here are the essentials you will need!

pump + bottles  this is the best pump you can buy, but renting a hospital grade one is a great choice too
hands free bra  seems ridiculous but I promise it will save you lots of time and frustration

boppy + a cute slipcover  for nursing, but also for newbies to wear while holding your precious baby

swaddles I LOVE everything by Aden & Anais
cotton onesies I love the ones from Dwell Studio

head nuzzle  to use in the basinette, in the car, in the stroller...
basinette/cosleeper + sheets  I want to get this modern & sleek one!
blankets  my favorite baby gift is a personalized blanket... perfect for cuddling

sleep sack when they are out of the swaddle

cute clothes!! I love Tea Collection, Zutano, Gap Baby and Ralph Lauren for layette
socks like the cute ones by Trumpette

mittens & hats to keep them warm
a cozy bundle me for the car seat & stroller
bibs for drool & spit up to save your nice clothes, too

stroller that will last a long time (even with two tots!)

car seat that is compatible with the stroller you choose
a glider for reading, nursing, cuddling, soothing
crib & changing table so many options!
crib bedding

carrier with the heart 2 heart insert so it will last a while

video monitor with night vision, zoom, pan & tilt features and a large range, and if you're extra crazy like me, the angel care monitor tracks the baby's movement & breathing as well as temperature!
humidifier there are so many options, but this is necessary for the little colds & coughs
swing to soothe, put to sleep, rock the baby when you're tired

bottle sterilizer
sound machine for white noise - trust me, this is the best one to soothe your baby and induce deep sleep
bottle warmer for the perfect temperature every time

For Mom:
nursing bra/night bra go atleast one size up, if not two!
herbs for milk production - I recommend Fenugreek, Shatavari & Mother's Milk Tea
diaper bag - there are so many options from Skip Hop to Gucci! Enjoy the selection

Bathing/Healthcare: all of these are available on amazon!
mustela products
tub + sling

alcohol + cotton swabs for the bellybutton
nasal aspirator this one looks gross but gets the job done!

baby oil for massages
desitin to prevent diaper rash
bottle drying rack

Just for Fun:
mobile this one is perfect for infants!
soft toys to stimulate their mind

lots of books to read together
lullabies to listen to and sing

activity mat for tummy time, hanging out, and learning about colors

to chronicle the little ones milestones
so you can make sure to cherish every memory
fun wall decals for the nursery

these adorable sculptures to liven up any nursery!

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