Monday, March 11, 2013


I can't believe my baby girl turned TWO this weekend. We had a fun-filled weekend of celebrations, spending time with family, eating lots of cake, and hosting a party at the Children's Museum of Manhattan. Little J had so much fun!

Here's a quick look back at her younger days.... I love reminscing with these pictures!


little J, since you were born, you have filled our lives with love and laughter...I can't believe how much you've grown, and I love seeing every day how you are becoming a funny, clever, creative and ambitious little girl. You are such a happy ball of energy, you impress us every day with your memory and we are in awe of your intelligence. From your love of swimming & bathtime, to how you can sing the Alphabet and Itsy Bitsy Spider (in Hindi!), name all the animals in every book, demand to swing for hours, chat with strangers in the elevator, to how you cuddle up with your best friend baby Bo, you amaze us in every way. Daddy loves dancing to Chamak Challo with you and Mommy loves having you as a helper in the kitchen! We hope you continue to enjoy dancing & singing, learning, playing and spending time with your Mommy & Daddy.
You are the light of our lives!
 We wish you a very happy 2nd birthday!!

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  1. jiya is very lucky to have such parents