Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Mother's day is just a couple of weeks away!! I hope you have planned something special for your mom, mom-in-law, or the mom figure in your life...she deserves to be celebrated.

Here's a gift guide for mother's day, but remember, a hug and kiss is all she really wants ;-)

1. For the mamma who's in great shape, a Personalized Yoga Bag & Mat would be so chic

2. This is the perfect gift for a new mom! Nothing is better than something that celebrates her new motherhood

3. An Upcycled Sari Bag that supports a great cause... and stands out, just like her :)

4. This gorgeous jewelry tree is practical & beautiful

5. Cute book for a mom who can use a good laugh...

6. The perfect splurge for a working mom... this is so elegant and trendy at the same time!

7. I need this! And so does the tech savvy chef in your life

8. How about a beautiful scent to suit her style? Bond No. 9 has incredible variety, celebrating all the NY neighborhoods
9. A beautiful watch... so classy & sweet

10. This tunic is so feminine and summery... great for any mom

11. She loves having her family around a table for cozy meals, so treat her to a top of the line pasta machine - the whole family will enjoy it

12. Lastly, she'll appreciate a break from housekeeping - book a deep cleaning of her home, via Wizard of Homes... she'll thank you long after Mother's Day is over :)

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