Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Best Gifts for a New Mom

I know so many expectant mothers right now... especially those who are pregnant with their first little one! One of my closest friends is expecting any day now, and it gets me thinking of that amazing, blurry, exhausting and exhilarating time post-delivery when you are trying to figure out your new life with the incredible little miracle you're bringing home. There are so many ways to make this time easier, so that new parents can focus on their joy and not all the other less fun stuff like hunger, panic, pain....etc! It's always nice to bring a gift for the new baby, but sometimes it's fun to treat the parents too!

Here are some great gift ideas to spoil the new mommy in your life... and both parents would enjoy most of these!

1. Food! Make meal time easier by providing simple, hearty meals for the family. They should be provided in a disposable tray that doesn't have to be returned, is easy to heat up, and mess-free to clean up. It's a good idea to provide a few portions for visitors, family members, etc. If you're not much of a chef, you can always try a service like Plated to provide delicious meals to the tired new parents. And, if you're feeling really ambitious, you can set up a meal train to get other friends and neighbors involved.

2. When I had little J, my friend gave me a big bag of goodies just for me, which I devoured. It was filled with gossip magazines, chocolates, a great novel and a gift certificate to a manicure right on my block. Perfect treat for a tired new mom. Another similar treat could be a birch box with beauty products!

3. It would be so great to have a second hand for household chores during the transition period. Surprise your new mom friend with a cleaning service for the day, or show up yourself to be a helper! Another great idea is to provide a post-partum doula or mother's helper for a few hours to help with the new baby, teach about breastfeeding, or give her a post-partum massage. It's pretty easy to search online for services in the area.

4. I love the idea of a "Day Baby Was Born Box" which would include newspaper clippings and other fun cards/notes from the day the baby was born. Parents can use this as a start to also add other mementos like the hospital ID bracelet, first little hat & mittens, or any other keepsake. Would be so fun to look back on!

5. For a new mom who already has an older child, a great gift would be something to keep the older child busy and happy while he or she gets adjusted to the new baby. Green Kid Crafts provides fun art supplies for toddlers, and is available on a subscription basis, to ensure continued fun :)  

6. Subscription to Netflix, for late-night feedings when the mom is often up alone. Would be a great distraction for either parent. Or, if she's a big reader, get her an Amazon gift certificate so she can download lots of books onto her Kindle and read while the baby nurses... and nurses... and nurses.

7. A custom mommy necklace with her new baby's initial.... she will definitely treasure it and wear it with pride!! There are so many options, but I love Amelia Rose and Maya Brenner...

8. Cute & comfy nursing clothes to help her feel her look best while breastfeeding, running errands, or taking a walk with the new baby. Some ideas here, here and here.

9. A luxurious, comfy robe that will look great and presentable, even with family or friends around.

10. Something decadent and delicious that they wouldn't buy for themselves! Some ideas are cookies from Eleni's (they come in fun baby shapes!), chocolate covered strawberries from Godiva, or heavenly brownies from Fat Witch. When J was born, my sister-in-law brought me amazing and adorable chocolates from Martine's - they were in all sorts of shapes like a pink pacifier, a baby stroller and baby animals - they were so cute I didn't even want to eat them at first. But I got over that pretty quickly, phew.

Do any of you have other suggestions to add? Would love to hear!


  1. Great post and really wonderful and unique gift ideas!

  2. I really love Eleni's, the cookies are so fun and festive and would cheer up anyone's day. This is a really useful blog with some great ideas - a number of friends are expecting and i find the registry's to be helpful but not so creative! Will be trying some of these suggestions! Thanks!!