Monday, July 1, 2013

Baby Sprinkle!

A few weekends ago, my family threw me the most adorable "Baby Sprinkle." I was hesitant to have another shower since it seemed soon after the first one, and it would be for the same sex. But I'm so glad I succumbed to the idea of an afternoon tea party in my parents' backyard - it was a beautiful day, and I loved seeing close friends and family to celebrate the upcoming arrival! My sister-in-law did a fabulous job planning the party... from sweet, dainty decorations, to delicious tea sandwiches and pastries, and beautiful favors... all the guests had a great time.


The highlights of the party were the amazing tea-pot shaped cake with tiers of yummy cupcakes underneath (see below!), and the fun games. Each guest got a blank, bound book and were asked to write a children's story of their choice. Each table had a bunch of classic stories for inspiration, but guests were encouraged to create their own and personalize the books. They were provided with all sorts of fun markers, colored pencils, stickers, ribbon, and crafts supplies to make their books. I am so happy to have each of these amazing, thoughtful stories as a momento for me and the girls. Some of them are twists on classics, and many of them include adventures of little J and her baby sister. How fun! We are going to enjoy reading them so much!! We had asked the guests to not bring gifts, so these were the best keepsake from the party. 

The menu included several kinds of tea sandwiches -- my favorite was the goat cheese and fig on raisin bread! YUM. There was also a waldorf salad, corn & cheese toast, lemon rice, samosas, and about a thousand kinds of sweets. We had sweet and savory scones, lemon poppy bread, orange bread, rum cake, cupcakes & cake, fruits, indian sandesh sweets stuffed in fruits, berries, and even macaroons! My cousin and sister in law took the lead on preparing the dishes, my mom made the Indian sweets, and parts were catered from our favorite spots. The scones and breads were from Bosie's Tea Parlor which has the most incredible tasting pastries and teas... if you haven't been, you must go. My favorite is the blueberry scone with cream & jam.


For drinks, we had two types of iced tea -- peach & rasberry -- and several types of hot herbal teas, all by Tea Forte. We also had classic Indian Chai and chilled bottles of water to stay cool. The favors were little boxes of tea-mints, personalized with the date, inside beautiful silk purses from India. It really felt like we were at a classic tea party in an English garden... everyone did such a good job planning! 


What do you think about having a shower for a second baby? There was an interesting article in the NY Times about celebrating a second baby with a modified, smaller version of the first shower. I definitely agree that every pregnancy should be celebrated... and a "sprinkle" was a cute way to do so. In the days leading up to the party, I was telling little J that the party was to celebrate her becoming a big sister, an idea she seemed to get on board with. All the guests made a big deal about J being at the party and how she is going to be a big sister friend even got her a big sister book and t-shirt as a gift! It was a great way for her to get used to the idea. And there's nothing like a party to ease a difficult transition :) 


  1. Every exciting new arrivals deserves its own party! It doesn't have to be about gifts, like you said, if you're already mostly set with what you need-- but about celebrating what's to come.

    I've been planning to get tea at Bosie's, and now I'm convinced I need to go there ASAP.

  2. Every new baby is a delight and deserves a parade! Although as an attendee I agree that gifts aren't necessary every time, for close friends each child is a celebratory moment even if gifts mean creating something at the party or spoiling the expectant mom - wouldn't hurt to have a third one called a drunken drizzle especially if friends of the mom are mostly single or without children so they can make a fun time of it!! After the third child family get together's are a fun way to go! <3 Bosie's