Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Being Mommy: Nursing Clothes

Being able to nurse on the go, or while company is over, is critical for a new mom.  I remember feeling somewhat isolated when I had to leave the room to properly nurse, or I felt trapped at home because I couldn't bear the thought of nursing in a restaurant bathroom, or in someone else's house. But if you have the technique down, and are wearing a top that makes it easy to nurse discreetly, it helps a lot. If you look good and feel confident, it goes a long way toward settling into your new life. That's why I believe nursing clothes are so important. If you're wearing a great looking top that is easy to nurse in, you can additionally cover up with a nursing shawl so you and your baby are both comfortable about nursing in public.

I've been scouring the internet for loose, flowy nursing tops that will be comfortable and pretty during the first few months, when I have not yet lost all the belly. But what's with all these tight tanks for new moms?? I don't know many new moms who have flat tummies right away... and most would rather wear more concealing clothes.

I did finally find some good options:

I love this bright blue tee... wish it came in more colors & sizes!

Perfect, breezy top in lots of great colors.

Boob is expensive, but makes great basics. I used these tanks last time, layered with a sweater since they are pretty tight!

This versatile black dress is flattering and forgiving in the tummy area, phew!

I love this sweet dress by Maternal America

And this pretty dress is on sale, bonus!

What an adorable, easy sweater-shawl by Pea in a Pod

Nursing pajamas for night-time feedings, or lounging around.

How do you feel about nursing in public?

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