Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Packing a Yummy Lunch

Summer is a great time to bring your lunch to work, and enjoy it outside in a nearby park. Bringing lunch can save you time and money, and believe it or not, it can be very easy to make and yummy to eat! Packing a lunch doesn't have to be boring... and you will be happy to save at least $50/week! Here are some great ideas:

1. Sandwich, Chips, Fruit & Sparkling Water

You can make a great sandwich whether you are veggie or not. For vegetarians, the best sandwiches have a couple of types of cheese (I love Muenster with Provolone), and fresh veggies like spinach leaves or arugula, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, sprouts, jalapenos.... the list is endless. Make your sandwich extra delicious by using a variety of spreads like this Greek Yogurt Spread, or Spicy Hummus, or even a home-made chutney. I always use store-bought rye or a whole-grain bread, but using a fresh bread (either home-made or from a bakery) will be even better.

I love these adorable, eco-friendly snack and sandwich bags that come in an array of colors and styles. Toddlers love these too!

2. Salad, Greek Yogurt, Trail Mix & a Fruit Smoothie
There are so many salads you can bring along, but remember to pack the dressing separately so you can add it just before eating to make sure your salad isn't soggy. In case you missed it, here's my post about great summer salads. My favorite salad to bring to work is a quinoa salad with lots of crunch (cucumbers, bell peppers, chickpeas) and a good amount of flavor (spices, seasoning, dressing). I always find that salads with beans, chickpeas, sprouts or tofu/chicken are healthier and heartier (and last well). You can also add nuts, chia seeds, flax seeds, or rice to a salad for a bit more oomph!
This great container has a separate, built-in dressing dispenser! 
A fresh smoothie is so quick and easy to make in any blender, but especially if you have a Vitamix. I like to throw in a few fruits into the freezer the night before, so the smoothie is cold without having to add ice which would dilute it. Here are some great ideas for delicious, healthy smoothies & juices. All are great on the go! How adorable are these to-go bottles?
3. Leftovers, veggies & dip, and a gus soda.
If you have leftover pasta, a rice dish, a casserole or even take-out, it's easy enough to bring that along and jazz it up with a few extras. Add some crushed red pepper or fresh herbs to make it taste fresh, and pair it with crunchy veggies & dip as well. I love gus soda, a healthier alternative to the sugary drinks.

Leftovers pack so well in bento boxes... perfect for an assortment of foods. These are also great for school lunches!


If you can't refrigerate your lunch at work or wherever you're headed, throw in an ice pack to keep it cool. Or try this adorable lunch box with a freezable component.

Make your own trail mix with leftover nut packets, pretzels, m&ms, and crunchy additions like chia seeds! Great ideas here.

Get an adorable, easy to carry lunch box to keep everything straight and cool. Built makes great, lightweight options.

The Kitchn also has some great, easy recipes for lunches on the go. More ideas here.


  1. Yum! These are all making me hungry. Another idea: making a quiche and bringing a slice a day with a small side salad.

  2. Thank you for the post!! Can't wait to try out all these ideas! This is awesome=)