Friday, July 19, 2013

Restaurant Review: The NoMad at Nomad Hotel

We went to the NoMad to celebrate hubby's birthday last weekend and were excited to check it out after all the recent hype. It is a beautiful space... elegant, refined & romantic. When we commented on the gorgeous interior, our waiter offered to show us around to the library and other rooms, all of which are so tastefully decorated. The restaurant's vibe is definitely heightened by the extremely professional, very tall, and helpful staff. We chose to go to the NoMad mostly because its reputed to be the "casual" version of Eleven Madison Park, which is our favorite restaurant ever. NoMad was certainly delicious and fun, but not on the same level as Eleven Madison. It was posh in its own way, but the overall tastes were just not the same.

I took our friendly waiter's suggestion and started with the asparagus and poached egg dish, on a bed of crunchy quinoa, and finished with a parmesan foam. It was probably the single best thing I have ever tasted. It was phenomenal. I would go back again and again just for this one appetizer!

For my main dish, I had the asparagus bread salad with potatoes & black truffle. I initially bit into one of the "croutons" and it was so vinegary I had to spit it out into my napkin and take a large gulp of my mocktail before I could continue with the rest of the dish. Which by the way, was excellent.

Hubby started with the tuna appetizer, which he said was delicious and beautiful to look at. The plate was actually decorated with the fish bones as spears & skewers. A little morbid, but mostly pretty. For his main dish, he had the suckling pig, which he felt was a little dry and a little disappointing. He still devoured it, but expected more based on the reviews and overall ambiance.

This was a great dining experience and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for an artsy and special meal. It's also a great date spot, especially if you linger for drinks in the library!

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  1. I ordered and loved that same app when I was there! I would agree that while the space is beautifully decorated I don't see the correlation to Eleven Mad Park, they have their own appeal! Always nice to treat the man in your life to a good meal :)