Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back to School: Backpacks & Lunchboxes

Little toddlers with little backpacks are probably the most adorable sight in NYC. There are so many packs to choose from, and since little J will be starting pre-pre-school this fall, I am excited to pick one out for her. These are my top choices for tots!

Jambanos the Pig Backpack, $32

Pkolino Shark Backpack, $55

Beatrix Papar Owl Backpack, $52

Skip Hop Doggie Backpack, $20

Giraffe backpack from Etsy, $36

Depending on the pre-school program, some parents may need to pack a lunch or snack for their toddler. How adorable are these lunchboxes?? Most of them are insulated, and can be paired with matching thermoses, compartment plates, utensils... etc. How fun!

Dabbawala Blushing Monkey Lunchbag, $25

Pottery Barn Personalized Lunchbox, $25

Firetruck Thermos Lunchbox, $17

Built Big Apple Buddies Lunch Sack, $16

Skip Hop Zoo Lunchies Lunch Bag, $13

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  1. If you are not thinking of spending too much on backpacks and lunch bags, Children's Place is an amazing option! The quality is great....and their prints are decent too. I have been using theirs every year for 5 years now. I buy those and then get it personalized for my son. Works out great!