Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Baby Gifts!

Since we had another baby girl, there were very few things we actually needed to purchase for the new baby. The little one has been content with hand-me down clothes, socks and hats. We did buy new crib bedding and have re-decorated her room (see here in case you missed the post), but she's largely been using all of little J's old gear. That's why it's been fun to receive beautiful, thoughtful gifts that are all little luxuries for Leela.

Here are some of my favorite gifts for a newborn!

1. I love these clever, personalized books that are perfect to read again and again and to cherish as a momento of their childhood. Almost every page is personalized with the baby's name, and tells a story about the whole family. Our friend sent us one for the baby, and one for big sister! Take a look at all the options at ISeeMe

2. If you are a knitter, knitted gifts are so practical and thoughtful. I love thinking how these were made with little Leela in mind, and they are so perfect for cuddling all winter long. There's nothing more thoughtful than a handmade gift! 

3. Since we needed new towels for the new baby, personalized towels were a great gift. The girls' bathroom is now filled with pink, lavender and yellow fluffy towels! What's cuter than a baby wrapped in a towel with bunny ears??


4. Once the baby is sitting and standing, the crib mattress has to be lowered and it becomes more difficult to put a sleeping baby into the crib without waking her! That's why a stool by the crib is essential, especially for a petite mamma like me. L and J both got such fun, personalized stools that double as extra help for their mom :)

5. A growth chart is great as artwork and as a keepsake when you can start to mark your child's height every year. We received a lovely hand painted one when J was born, and got a similar one for Leela! So many choices at PetiteLemon!

6. A gift from Tiffany's is always something to be treasured. When J was born, we received an adorable tea set, and a couple of piggy banks that are such sweet decor on her bookshelves. This time around, we got a beautiful silver spoon to add to the collection.

7. Our girls are fortunate to have already gotten jewelry as gifts! Gold bangles & diamond earrings from the grandparents... what lucky little ladies.

8. We love these decorative silver sippy cups, also from the grandparents.

How lucky are we to have such generous, loving friends and family? Hope this list sparks some ideas for those of you looking to give a gift!

If you are looking for more ideas, take a look at etsy, or my baby essentials post!


  1. good thing you posted this ... i almost bought the girls a few of the things listed on the blog as i started pre-ordering holiday gifts ... looks like the cookie basket is going to make a double appearance this year lol !!!