Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Recipe: No-Guilt Pumpkin Cookies

Continuing my quest to try various recipes with pumpkin, little J and I tried out a great pumpkin cookie recipe this week. These are guilt-free because they are made with whole wheat flour, brown sugar,  have flax seeds, and healthy, organic pumpkin puree as the main ingredient. They are a perfect snack with a glass of milk, and so festive for the fall!

This was a fun toddler activity. I measured out all the ingredients, and let J pour and mix. She was so happy to help! And she loved telling everyone that she made pumpkin cookies. She even shared some with our neighbors... it was super sweet.

Little J insisted on sprinkling these adorable halloween sprinkles over the cookies... I didn't protest much :)

these cookies were soft and moist... they tasted a lot better than this picture makes them look!

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