Monday, October 21, 2013

Review: Blue Apron Meals

Last week, we tried out a new, innovative way to have fancy and delicious meals at home -- Blue Apron. This is a great service in which the ingredients and recipes for 3 meals for two are delivered right to your home, once per week. They even have veggie options!! The ingredients are fresh, and perfectly portioned so there's no running to the store for a last minute item, and there's no excess or waste.


Normally, it breaks down to about $10 a plate, but I got a promotion via Rue La La and got the service $5 per plate. I was so excited to give this a try, and was pleased with the result.

The first night, we had Spagetti Squash with a side of Wheatberries and Mustard Greens. This was delicious and seasonal... and I loved that I ended up cookiing with two ingredients I don't usually use - wheatberries and mustard greens. The next night, I made Miso Glazed Eggplant with Green Tea Rice, again being exposed to several ingredients I don't normally keep stocked in my kitchen (Mirin, Miso, Green Tea Powder, Rice Vinegar). Having perfect amounts of these, enough to use in the dishes, was my favorite part about this service.

Lastly, we had Stuffed Artichoke with Chanterelle Mushroom and Pear salad... which was delicious, but somehow not filling enough (much of the artichoke was inedible).


The recipes that come along with the fresh ingredients are well laid out, with step-by-step instructions and photo tutorials. Very easy to follow along with, even if you are a beginner in the kitchen! Overall, my favorite was the eggplant dish... the portion was ideal, and it tasted divine.                                        


         Would you try something like this?

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