Friday, November 8, 2013

iPad Apps for Tots

If you're a parent, you know there are days when the iPad can be your best friend. Children are fascinated with this amazing device, and it can be an emergency babysitter, special treat, or a great learning tool. Ever since Leela was born, I've been allowing little J a little bit more time on the iPad, and have found some great games and learning tools that keep her busy and happy, while allowing me to juggle all the other obligations on my plate.

Here are some of our favorite apps that we've discovered!

1. Moo, Baa, La La La! will actually read your child a story aloud, while highlighting words and building the foundations for recognizing letters and words! The books are also interactive, which is so fun for toddlers. ($2.99)

2. Shape Builder is basically a digital puzzle generator that helps toddlers build their cognitive skills while getting them thinking creatively. ($0.99)

3. Pat the Bunny allows toddlers to "play" with a bunny while hearing a story that can be recorded in your own voice! ($3.99)

4. Monkey Preschool Lunchbox is an app in which toddlers can help a monkey pack his lunchbox -- teaching kids about colors, letters, numbers, sorting and matching. ($0.99)

5. Lego Duplo Zoo follows the journey of a giraffe and bunny through lego-land. (free)

6. Baby Girl Dress Up is exactly what it sounds like. Pretty basic, but fun for both boys and girls. ($0.99)

7. Kids Vehicles was probably designed for boys but is great for girls too. It's filled with interactive vehicles, including fire trucks that feature all sorts of noises, doors that open and close, lights and slides. Fire trucks are always always a hit. ($1.99)

8. Curious George at the Zoo allows kids to explore a large zoo through George's eyes. They can feed, wash, wake and play with the animals and get rewarded with stickers for doing so. ($4 or free for parts)

9. Where's Puppy's Nose is geared toward younger tots who will have a great time touching the animals body parts as they are called out loud. (free)

10. Wee Sing & Learn ABCs helps toddlers learn their letters while singing great tunes! Educational and fun... can't go wrong. ($2.99)

Meanwhile, check out these great iPad cases for toddlers that will keep your kids happy & your iPad safe! We have this one and love it.
What are your favorite apps for kids? I'd love to hear any suggestions!

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