Monday, November 18, 2013

Nursery Design Series: Kashmir Pink

Today we have a special treat... I'm beginning a new series about nursery decor! Every week, I'm going to present to you a new nursery designed by new parents, with lots of tips on planning for space, budget and design considerations. Several guest bloggers have volunteered their help, and I'm excited to showcase what we have!

This week, Nadia is sharing the beautiful nursery she created for her 14 month old daughter... here's what Nadia has to say about the planning process!

Decorating and designing a nursery in the small spaces that New York City apartments tend to offer can be a daunting task for a mother-to-be. In most cases, it feels like a task that should be completed prior to the baby’s arrival – before things get chaotic and time becomes a valuable, lost luxury. So, working within these limits: little time, small space, and of course, limited budgets, how should new parents approach this project? Personally, I was lucky to have a sweet little room designated for the nursery. But this room was very little indeed. I knew I had to find petite furniture that was well-made. I myself am not very tall, so I didn’t want large, bulky pieces that would feel overwhelming to me and the baby. I also knew that I wanted antique white and no dark colors. This limited my search somewhat. I began by looking at nursery designs I loved. The Restoration Hardware catalogue had beautiful nurseries with vintage touches, small chandeliers and a romantic vibe; probably more fitting for a larger space in a suburban home. But this gave me an idea of what really appealed to me. No hard lines or modern touches. The modern look actually doesn’t fit with the rest of our apartment so naturally it was not fitting. 

After looking around, we found the type of furniture we needed at Pottery Barn Kids (not my first choice because it felt too cookie-cutter). The crib was just the right height for me to reach in and out and the changing table wasn’t bulky. Next, we installed a couple of shelves to place trinkets and photos. To give it a “romantic” touch, we went with antique, gold frames and antique map butterflies for the walls (found on Etsy). I found this beautiful gold fan mirror on One King’s Lane. My lovely friend designed a framed overlay of Dr. Suess’ Oh the Places You’ll Go, also on an antique map, matching the butterflies adorning the walls above the crib. We painted the walls Kashmir Pink. I never thought I’d go with such a cliché color, but the tone of the pink just felt perfect and soothing. It did not overwhelm the room. And I loved that it was called Kashmir Pink :)

My mother-in-law gifted us a beautiful print of prayers in Arabic calligraphy, which I had framed also in antique gold. We went with a basic cream colored carpet and gauze-y drapes (with black-out shades behind them). I found a Nursery Works Rocker on that was the right size and color and of course on discounted price. I’m so happy I did because I spent many nights sleeping in that chair! While I originally wanted a traditional rocking chair, I thankfully realized that comfort was the more important priority. Rockers and gliders are extremely expensive, but if you plan on spending any time nursing or putting your little one to sleep while sitting (or trying to sleep) in them, it is a very worthwhile investment. 

Overall, the “nursery project” was not particularly easy. Of course it was fun planning and dreaming of the perfect nursery, but executing this in reality was a bit overwhelming.  After my daughter was born I truly did not have any time to think about the aesthetics of her nursery. I was just relieved that it was serving its functional purpose. One piece of advice I will share is on bumpers. While we received beautiful bedding as a gift, we were never able to use it. I ended up going with Wonder Bumpers which are functional and nice looking also. They are safe and easy and I wish I hadn’t wasted all of that fancy bedding. But what does a first-time mother know before the fact?

What a lovely nursery... filled with unique and personal touches that make it so special. Nadia, thanks so much for sharing!

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