Monday, November 25, 2013

Nursery Design Series: Vintage Vespa

I'm so thrilled to share this week's gorgeous nursery with you!! Lucy created a stunning, personalized nursery for her son Graham... take a look below for more details! 

For Graham's nursery I chose a vespa theme with hints of blue and grey throughout the room.  Designing Graham's nursery was a very organic process for me as things just generally fell into place as opposed to being pre-planned.  I had found this print on Etsy with a quote I wanted to instill in my son from the time of his birth: "Life is a beautiful ride." (Similar print can be found here). I just want him to have the happiest childhood like I did.  The print just happened to have a vespa on it.  I then came across some beautiful bedding from Finn + Emma that also had vespas on it, and thus my search for vespas began.  It was a fitting theme as my husband proposed to me in Italy and we had our honeymoon there (plus we are both italian!), so it works.  I next would shop the weekly Flea Market on the Upper West Side for little antiques to put on the shelves, including the vintage books and bookends.  After months of searching on Etsy, I finally found a vintage vespa to display on the shelves which is one of my favorite pieces.

For the furniture, I wanted to stay simple and modern, so I stuck with white and items that were well made.  The nursery has a view overlooking the museum of natural history so I didn't want anything in the room to compete with that!  I especially love his rocker which I had custom made in a grey chevron print...not an easy thing to find surprisingly. 

By far my favorite thing in his nursery is the vintage photos I have above his changing table of his grandparents and great grandparents.  I wanted them watching down on him and him looking up to them every day.  He now points to his great grandfather when asked, which melts my heart as he recently passed away and loved Graham very much.

Credit for Photos: Juli Trush Photography
How incredible is little Graham's nursery? Lucy, this was such a thoughtful and meaningful project and your hard work really paid off! Graham is so luck to have this amazing space to grow up in. Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

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