Thursday, December 12, 2013

Holiday Fun

There's nothing like having a fresh Christmas tree in the house... we are loving the woodsy smell of pine, the glowing lights, and the warmth of all the holiday decor. Holiday preparations are sometimes the best part of the holiday... building excitement and making memories that last long past Christmas day.

We continued our holiday traditions of trimming our tree while drinking hot cocoa, listening to holiday music (this time on iTunes radio station Children's Holiday Songs, via Apple TV) and letting little J help decorate. She loved counting and naming the ornaments while putting them up, mostly at the bottom of the tree, where her little hands could reach. She even used the stool to get to the higher branches, which made her feel like a big girl. This year, she was old enough to do a holiday craft project with me, so we painted lovely little wooden ornaments and prepared them to hang on our tree. It was so fun to do! I got basic Martha Stewart Crafts flat wooden holiday cutouts, and we used glitter glue and a wood hole punch to dress them up and make ornaments.

Each of the girls get a special ornament every year, this year little J got a Hello Kitty doll dressed up for the holidays, and L got a Lenox baby pin with her birth year inscribed on it. This is little Leela's first Christmas, and although she is too young to understand much of it, we do want to make it special for her to look back on. The simple acts of always having hot cocoa while decorating the tree, or getting a keepsake ornament every year, or doing a holiday project together -- to me, this is what it means to celebrate as a family. Meanwhile, little J singing "jingle bells" and showing her little sister each ornament as it goes up on the tree -- enough to make my heart burst with love.

It's so fun to have traditions around the holidays, especially with little kids... simple rituals that are performed every year help to seal bonds of family and give all of us so much security and happiness. It definitely makes us look forward to each occasion while also having fond memories to look back on. Isn't that why each holiday means something different to each of us, because the celebration is so intertwined with its specific, personalized traditions? What are your favorite holiday traditions? How will you recreate them in the future?

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  1. Great post! I have so many wonderful memories of decorating the tree and other holiday traditions from growing up-- the girls will remember these and carry them with them for the rest of their lives. When I decorate my own tree now, I think back on all the ornaments my parents had, and all the stories behind them. Something to carry through generations.