Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide: Top 14 Gifts for your Little Ones

There's nothing like seeing your little one's face light up with joy, whether it be because you're home early, because there are extra bubbles in her bath, or because he's excited about a new toy. And let's face it, there's nothing like opening a gift to find something to play with inside! As a parent, I love to see my kids having fun with toys that will spark the mind, inspire creativity and encourage independent play. That's why my gift guide for the little ones features this year's hottest toys that are fun, safe and educational. Let the fun begin!

1. These automoblox come in all shapes and sizes... and are the modern alternative to an educational puzzle. Build it and zoom away! ($10-$50)

2. Your toddler will love making her own crayons in fun popsicle shapes. ($12)

3. Such a colorful, bendable rattle toy for the drooling infant in your life. ($18)

4. 1000 stickers. Enough said! ($21)

5. This is an incredible bang for your buck... a playdoh ice-cream maker will provide hours of fun. Dress up your cone with sprinkles, candies, even donuts & cookies! This is J's most loved toy... yum! ($15)

6. This little fairy will fly across her room, bringing a sparkle to her big eyes. ($60)

7. Just like a real pup, this robot dog can learn new tricks, wag his tail and get excited when you rub his belly! (on sale for $80)

8. This Playskool camera takes real photos and is also a projector. Kids will love the silly and fun effects and sounds. ($55)

9. This wooden school bus is a great developmental toy to keep your baby's eyes happy and his hands busy. ($27)

10. I can't wait to play this fun game with little J and our family over the holidays... everyone has to take turn pulling the plastic leaves without waking the bees. I'm sure you can imagine the fun when the bees come bzzing out! ($16)

11. This wooden sunny clutch toy is great for an infant learning to grasp, and serves as the perfect teether. Little Leela will love this. ($15)

12. Every tot loves to hide and play pretend... this is a beautiful tent that will kickstart imaginations and make their little dreams come true. ($149)

13. A geoform puzzle for hours of portable fun. Will teach kids about shapes and colors as they arrange and rearrange to re-create the ideas provided. ($48)

14. Furreal friends come in many varieties -- monkey, puppy, kitten... and your little ones will love to feed, tickle and play with these little guys as they respond with sucking, giggles and cries! ($50)

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