Monday, December 16, 2013

Nursery Design Series: Enchanted Meadow

Today we are getting a glimpse of an adorable nursery designed by my friend Callie, for her 3 month old baby, little Lola. It's an eclectic mix of high end pieces with fun, artsy and creative details, as well as some DIY painting. Take a look...

After living in Park Slope for 5 years in a great one-bedroom rental, we decided to anchor down and purchased a two bedroom apartment in the neighborhood May of 2012. The second bedroom was small but we always knew it would make a great nursery. When we found out I was pregnant with Lola in January 2013 the transformation from office/junk room to nursery began. I was pretty overwhelmed with all of the options so we started with the basics and built from there. The room did not have a closet and we felt that would be essential for storage. We hired a contractor and had a great closet built (with storage above for my off season clothes!). We opted for curtains instead of doors to maximize space and I was able to use some West Elm curtains that I already had from our old apartment. The next step was painting which we decided to do ourselves (I did help but my husband Nate did most of the work while I was at a wedding shower for a friend-- oops!). I have a shameless obsession with the color grey and we decided it would be the perfect neutral and warm backdrop for whatever direction we decided to go with decor. We went with Benjamin Moore Feather Grey. After a few hiccups (a layer of high gloss paint instead of matte and the paint ending up a little more blue than grey), we were happy with the result..though next time around I might just hire a painter-- painting is insanely hard work! 

Next up was the furniture. I knew that I wanted Oeuf Sparrow crib in the birch color from the first time I saw it at Giggle. I liked that it had a contemporary but not too modern feel, and that it converted to a toddler bed. For a dresser we knew we needed something with a small footprint that had a good amount of storage and could act as a changing table. After a much deliberation we went with Room and Board’s Moda six-drawer dresser in white (didn’t want it to look too much like a matchy furniture set so opted for a different color from the crib). It turned out to be the perfect size and its really well made. During a mega-sale at ABC Carpet we picked up a simple white rug on the cheap (knowing it probably won’t last too long!). 

With the major pieces in place it was time to start with the decor details. I fell in love with Dwell Studio’s Meadow crib sheet and used it as the focal point and inspiration for the rest of the room. It has coral, turquoise and peachy tones that really pop. Unfortunately they discontinued it after I purchased only one sheet- huge bummer since I would love to have two! We did buy a small glider but put it in the living room and moved our grey and white living room chair from West Elm into the nursery for a comfortable place for middle of the night feeding. I am on the Board of an awesome arts organization called the Wassaic Project and purchased a fun piece of art during their summer exhibition with rockets and birds by Wassaic Project Co-Director Eve Biddle and her husband Josh Frankel. I didnt want to overwhelm the small room with too much on the walls so just went with one other piece, “Sammy the Seagull” by Wayne Pate. I had seen it on Serena and Lilly for $260 but went on Etsy and was able to buy the print directly from Mr. Pate for just $60 and it was a standard size that fit in a frame we had. Big savings! 

I turned to Etsy again for curtains and after a lot of deliberation and fabric swatch requests decided to keep them neutral grey but in a fun wood pattern that went with the Meadow/woodys theme. A letter “L” hook for laundry bag, a woodsy shelf from West Elm, the Peanut changing pad from Giggle, a chevron diaper caddy from Etsy and a cute kid-size bookshelf from the Land of Nod and the room was complete, well almost...until Lola came home to enjoy it!

Callie, what an awesome idea to find the "Sammy the Seagull" print on Etsy! You made such a wonderful and unique space for little Lola and I'm sure your family will enjoy watching her grow up in it! Thanks for sharing it with us! 

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