Monday, February 24, 2014

Beach Essentials for Tots

Given the constant snowfall and arctic temperatures in NY, it was time for a sunny getaway. We planned this last minute beach vacation on a whim, and had to rush a passport for the baby! It was well worth it. Lots of pictures and details to come soon, but meanwhile... here's a peek at the girls' suitcase. Since Spring is around the corner now, it's been fun to browse through warm-weather attire, especially for the kids. Love the fun colors and patterns this season! These are some of my faves for babies and toddlers.

1. Bright, cotton dresses from Mini Boden's spring line are irresistably cute. ($30 & up)

2. I can't stop stocking up on these beautiful tunics for girls (and moms) from Roberta Roller Rabbit... I'd take the whole store home if I could! ($55)

3. These adorable babyiators actually stay on through hours of sun and fun. ($19.99)

4. This sweet seersucker hat for the little princess ($35)

5. I can't get over this little tote from Gap. Unfortunately it already sold out! ($20)

6. These are the cutest waterproof sandals for a mini fashionista. ($50)

7. With two little girls, its so tempting to dress them alike. Love these coordinating bathing suits from Old Navy. ($14 each)

8. Tea Collection's spring line is full of fun florals and bold morrocan prints. This dress has the sweetest flutter sleeves. ($35)

9. I love iplay's sun hats... waterproof, with UV, and ties to make them stay put. ($12)

10. Lather them up in this organic sunscreen that blends in very well. ($14)

What are your must haves for a beach vacation with two little ones?

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