Thursday, February 13, 2014

Recipe: Pistachio & Coconut Cookies with Walnuts

Little J is really into baking these days. She loves helping to make cookies, and has been on a crazy ingredient kick. She wants to know if we can make cookies with blueberries? with candy? with chocolate? with peanut butter? the answer is usually yes, yes yes. This girl is going to be quite the chef, I'm telling you! Baking with kids is great because you can teach them all sorts of things without letting on that they're actually learning. Cooking together is a great introduction to math (counting ingredients, adding them together) and science (solids, liquids, mixing, heating, rising, melting, etc), and the end result is usually delicious. The bonus is decorating with frosting or sprinkles. It's a great indoor activity with a creative component!

Jiya's questions got me thinking about diversifying our own adult baked treats. I came across this recipe for Pistachio & Coconut cookies and knew they would be the perfect compliment to my afternoon cup of Chai. I used walnuts instead of chocolate chips for the nutty crunch. YUM. 

Turns out I was right. These are so soft and chewy, with hints of pistachio and coconut that round out Indian tea just perfectly. I'm usually pretty boring about cookies -- always favoring the plain old chocolate chip and a glass of cold milk. But there's something about these little guys that makes me feel sophisticated while munching away...

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