Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day Arts & Crafts for Tots

This past weekend, we got into the Valentine's day spirit and worked on some simple & creative projects with little J and her buddies. These were so easy and came out super cute! It was the best way to spend a very cold winter day indoors. Here are some of the crafts we did:

1. "Love is in Bloom" planter with heart shaped flowers! 

All you need is felt and scissors to make the flowers and leaves, pipe cleaner/straws for the stems, a stapler to stick them together, floral foam for the inside of the planter, sticky jewels to decorate the planter, and a planter. You can always improvise if you don't have certain supplies on hand. 

2. Photo Frame Valentines

These adorable foam frames are a great blank canvas for decorating with glitter glue, sticky jewels, stickers, markers... pretty much a tot's dream project! 

3. Heart Shaped Crayons

This is the perfect fix for all the mismatched, broken crayons you have lying around. Your kids will love to peel off the wrappers and break the crayons into pieces! Drop them into a heart-shaped silicon baking tray, and pop in the oven at 275 degrees for about 10 minutes. Don't forget to cool them in the freezer for about 15 minutes so they solidify. The silicon tray allows them to pop right out and they make the perfect class Valentine... J is so excited to give them out to her friends!

4. Handprint & Footprint "Love" Card

We made this little Love sign as a Valentine's day card and sweet moment for hubby -- the "O" is replaced with J's hand and the "V" is made of Leela's footprint. She was being squirmy as we stamped her foot onto the card, so the result is a little smooshy. I know their daddy will love it anyway :)

5. Heart Shaped Cupcakes

So easy to use regular cupcake pan, round liners, and marbles to make heart shaped cupcakes. These would be fun to decorate with conversation hearts, heart shaped sprinkles, or hershey kisses! Jiya loves baking with me. She's able to help by counting, mixing, pouring and sprinkling! She even enjoyed frosting a few on her own (licking her sugary fingers along the way!)


I'd love to hear about any other fun and easy Valentine's day projects for kids!

PS - how adorable are my little Valentines??

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