Thursday, March 6, 2014

Escape to St. Lucia

We decided on a whim to take the kids for a beach getaway to St. Lucia a couple of weeks ago. While it was definitely an ambitious trip with two little ones, we had such a fun time and the kids were extremely well behaved.... we definitely lucked out! St. Lucia is a gorgeous island in the Caribbean, with perfect tiny-sand beaches, blue-green water, and lush rainforest all around. The views from every point were just breathtaking. The north side of the island is more than an hour away from the airport, but has calm, pristine water -- perfect for swimming with the munchkins.

We stayed at The Landings, a beautiful, very family-friendly resort with every amenity you could imagine. Since it was our first trip with both girls, we were not sure how the evenings would work when the kids go to bed by 8pm but we still want to hang out. So we sprung for a 2 bedroom suite, and were shocked by the spacious and lavish villa we encountered upon arriving. Our room had two beautifully decorated bedrooms, a living room with dining area, a huge and completely stocked kitchen, 2 patios with an outdoor living room and even our own hot tub. Score!! It was so nice to order room service and a bottle of wine, and hang out in the hot tub when the kids were asleep. And it was sooo nice to have a kitchen to warm up milk, prepare a quick snack and to make iced mother's milk tea :)

The resort is right on the beach and has a great kids club, kids pools, as well as regular, stunning adult pools. Every morning, Jiya was given a pail full of sand toys to use on the beach, along with floats and noodles for the pool. She had a blast playing in the ocean and sand... and little Leela also enjoyed playing with the sand but we had to be pretty careful since she loves to put everything in her mouth these days. The weather was hot and sunny, just what we needed!! We all came back tanned and rested, with a little glow...

The Landings included breakfast with our room rate, and it was our favorite part of the day!! We enjoyed all sorts of yummy brunch foods from made-to-order omelets, fresh fruits, and plantains! J could not keep her eyes off the beach during breakfast, but luckily, she was allowed to play with her sand toys right at our table. Happy toddler, happy parents. We loved having a happy hour/kids dinner at the beach cafe, where there was live music and even some dancing. Little J made so many friends and even got to dance with the band!

Leela enjoyed fresh pureed fruits, and she loved having a taste of sun & fun. Poor thing has hardly been out and about in the last few months, because of the brutal NY winter! It was nice to hang out outdoors, as a family -- without worrying about layers, mittens, scarves, etc. We felt so free and relaxed.

We hadn't been on a trip since last March, when we went to Mexico with my family... so this was a much needed break for all of us. I feel like the last year has flown by in a haze of pregnancy, newborn commotion, and settling in as a family of four, and we all deserved this little celebration together. This trip made me look forward to even more trips as a family, hopefully to many exciting and beautiful places where we can expose the kids to new foods, new people, new culture... and time away together is such great bonding time. We all felt so rejuvenated when we got back!

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