Thursday, March 13, 2014


My little Jiya turned three this week! It's hard to believe that three years have passed since that incredible day that she came into our lives.

Jiya, you are the most amazing, sweet girl that has brightened our lives and filled up our hearts with so much love. I never knew how much love my heart was capable of holding until I met you. Now, I see the inquisitive, talkative three-year-old you've become and it makes me so proud to be your mommy. You have the sweetest voice, especially when you speak in Hindi. I think you have a gift for singing, and can't wait to develop that as you grow up. You are completely fluent in Hindi and English and can transition between the two languages with ease. You can even translate for your daddy! We are always amazed at your outstanding memory. When I was cleaning out and old bag a few days ago, I found some funky candles. Right away, you said "Oh! Those were the candles from Nani's birthday!" -- I was shocked that you remembered that because it was several months prior, and I had forgotten too. You have become such a loving, doting big sister. I love watching you hug and kiss Leela, and continue to constantly talk to her even though she can't answer you. It's so cute to watch you hold both sides of the conversation, "Leela, want me to brush your hair? Yes? Ok!" Although, you are still working on sharing your toys with her, especially because she likes to put everything in her mouth!

You are the funniest person I know. A couple of months ago, we walked into our building elevator where a friendly lady was telling us that she had gone shopping for her husband. Right away you said, "I have two husbands!" The lady, shocked and awed, said "Really? Two husbands?!" and you specified, "Yes, Daddy & Ba (the nanny)"... needless to say, we were all laughing and I knew she was smitten with you, just as all strangers always are. On the bus to school, you and your friends have an adoring, engaged audience when you tell them your names are "Dora, Ariel and Belle" or when you sing (too loudly!) "The Wheels on the Bus." You always chat with people around you, making new friends, asking questions, and you're so perceptive. I can already see how intelligent you are, especially when I watch you problem solve -- whether it be with a puzzle, or with negotiations (related to sharing, asking for chocolate, or for "one more sad story!"), we can see how witty and clever you are. You have such a charisma and charming personality -- and I hope those qualities stay with you forever.

You love playing princess dress up (you always want to be Princess Belle), building with your magnetiles, doing arts & crafts (or, as you used to call it, "obbs and cobbs") riding around your red tricycle, and reading books while cuddling up "in the bushes" (your pillows on the bed). Right now, you love to play doctor, always asking us if we have a boo -boo that needs a bandaid, or if we need any injections? Luckily, you always offer a lollipop or treat to make your patients feel better afterward! You are enamored with Dora, cherishing every Dora sticker, band aid, cell phone, tattoo, etc. that you come across. You love watching Dora episodes and Daniel Tiger (whom you refer to as "Daniel Little Tiger") on the iPad. You love helping with cooking (especially mixing and pouring!), and can even make a perfectly round roti... even better than your mom can! Your best buddies, Big Bo and Baby Bo, are still your favorite cuddly creatures, although you've acquired many other furry friends as part of your bed time routine!

So much has changed since when you turned two. You've had such a big year this year -- from moving to a big girl bed in your big girl room, to becoming a big sister, from starting school, to potty training -- there have been lots of milestones for you. We're so glad (and relieved) that you've adjusted to all of it remarkably well! We love watching you learn, love seeing that sparkle in your eye when you're excited, and it's amazing to see the friendships you are making, and the love that is growing between you and all your grandparents, aunts & uncles, and extended family. We enjoy watching you be social, chatty and engaging with all those around you. We hope that never changes. We wish that you'll always be surrounded by love and support, that you'll continue to learn, grow and flourish, that you and your sister build a beautiful friendship, and that you are blessed with health and happiness for your life. Thank you for blessing me with the gift of motherhood. I could not have asked for more.

Jiya, you really have a sparkling personality that lights up a room. We're so proud of the beautiful little lady you're becoming. Happy 3rd birthday, baby girl!!


  1. Neha - this is beautiful. You inspired me to write a letter to Lev. His second birthday is tomorrow!
    Thank you for this wonderful idea!