Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Little J's THIRD Birthday Party!

A few weeks ago, we celebrated little J's 3rd birthday, at the Art Farm in the City. If you don't know about the Art Farm, it's the cutest little hidden gem on the Upper East Side. This is a smaller branch of the larger and well known Art Farm in the Hamptons, but it's equally adorable and eco-friendly. The venue offers an art project for the kids (we chose paper mache piggy banks), a half hour of live music, dancing and bubbles, and of course - time with the farm animals!!

For the farm time, we had sheep, rabbits, chinchillas, turtles, guinea pigs, etc. The kids loved petting them, feeding them, and some kids even loved being scared of them ;) I was impressed with how smoothly the staff ran the party, and how much they engaged all our guests, even the adults! Everyone had so much fun, especially little J.

Animal themed parties are always easy to plan -- there are so many great places that sell themed favors, party supplies, and décor. We kept this party very simple because the venue is small and we had lots of kids - balloons and party hats for décor, light catering for an early dinner, and a beautiful little cake by Julie of Say it With Flour.


For party favors, the venue supplied each of the tots with a Melissa & Doug Animal Stamp Pad, along with their paper mache project. We added little trinkets to the goody bags -- animal tattoos, animal stickers, horse, pig and cow bend-ables, and farm animal finger puppets! Kids really love little stuff like that, and it will surprisingly keep them busy for a while.   just ordered these from Oriental Trading, my go-to place for little items and craft supplies for the little ones.

It's so fun to celebrate milestones, especially with lots of friends and family. Eating and play together... can anything be better??

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