Monday, April 14, 2014

Spicy Black Bean & Tofu Burgers with Veggie "Coleslaw"

I have been a long-time quest for a moist and delicious veggie burger, but I luckily came across this recipe for Indian Spiced Black Bean and Tofu Burgers that has satisfied me completely!! I modified the recipe by adding some corn, chili peppers, and black rice to the mixture. I had a little trouble making this stick together like a patty, but after adding some extra bread crumbs, I had better success. I'm definitely going to go easy on the tofu next time since that's what made my mixture too soft. This black bean and tofu burger was filling, with a spicy kick, and protein-rich to top it off. The Indian spices are a perfect compliment to the black beans and tofu, and really round this dish out. I didn't have goat cheese so I used fresh ricotta, and topped it off with chopped tomatoes and avocados...
I paired this burger with a sort of veggie coleslaw that I made by chopping carrots, cucumbers, radish, celery, and zucchini in the food processor. I dressed it with lemon juice, olive oil, salt & pepper, and a dash of the amazing chat masala that elevates this salad to the next level.

Can't wait to try more veggie burger recipes on the grill this summer! Any suggestions?

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  1. Yum-- that slaw looks especially amazing. I've always been intimidated by making my own veggie burgers, b/c I've had a sufficient number of unsatisfying ones out at restaurants that I assume they must be hard to make. But looking at this recipe, I think I can give it a try. They look yum! I'll update you once I do.
    PS - Do you happen to have any recipes for breakfast burritos you'd be able to share? =)