Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer Plans

It's finally warming up outside, and the great weather has gotten me thinking about all the fun things to do as a family this summer. I'm looking forward to enjoying two munchkins with outdoor fun! Poor Leela has been cooped up too much through this brutal winter. She's so excited to explore and enjoy the great outdoors! And as always, Jiya can't wait for her fill of sun and fun.
Although the days are long and light -- the summer season always passes too quickly, so I made a list of must-dos and must-sees so we can make the most of the next few months!!

1. A trip to Sesame Place in Pennsylvania.

2. Spending a long weekend with each set of grandparents.

3. Lots of ice cream and frozen yogurt runs with the kids, dinners outside, walks on the river.

4. Many trips to the beach, picnics in Central Park, mornings on the swings.

6. An afternoon in the sprinklers at the Children's Museum of Manhattan.

7. Utilizing our Wildlife Conservation Society membership by visiting the Bronx Zoo, Aquarium and Central Park Zoo as much as possible!

10. Making and eating fresh fruit popsicles!

As much as I love NYC, it's also so refreshing to leave for a day or long weekend, especially with the kids in tow. We have some travel plans at the end of August but are going to be around for a chunk of the summer... so we're hoping to hit the spots above for some family fun.
What's on your list this summer? Any other kid-friendly suggestions in the NY area? I'd love to hear...

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