Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Recharging in Cooperstown, NY

Ever since we became parents, hubby and I have centered our lives around our little girls. Like many new-ish parents, we are both guilty of focusing on the kids' and their enjoyment much more than our own. Before kids, we enjoyed long and leisurely brunches at new and bustling restaurants downtown, stayed up late enjoying New York City's nightlife, or even just cuddling up to watch a movie. Now we are happy to grab an iced coffee on the way to the playground or squeeze in a dinner date night whenever possible. Prior to having children, we paid attention to each other's needs, had time to relax and enjoyed our own hobbies. We are still pretty good about attending to ourselves, but it gets harder and harder with two kids, busy jobs, and tons of errands.

This summer has been especially fun and busy as a family of four. Our weekends, especially over the summer, have been filled with trips to the zoo, days in the park, afternoons at the pool -- and while we enjoy every sun-soaked moment of it, we had been itching for a getaway without the kids. We were so excited to spend a weekend in Cooperstown to celebrate my friend Jen's wedding, and to sight-see, hang out with college friends, sleep in (as much as our body-clocks would allow!), and relax.

Cooperstown is the most adorable, quaint little town. Just over 4 hours from NYC, it's worth a weekend trip. We loved visiting the local farmer's market, the baseball hall of fame, and staying at the most adorable bed & breakfast (The White House Inn). The whole area is filled with sprawling countryside hills, beautiful foliage, farms and animals, cute bread and breakfasts, and is super-family friendly.

Of course, we had so much fun at Jen and Joe's beautiful and moving wedding -- everything was lovely, from the small and sentimental ceremony at the Farmer's Museum, to the fun-filled reception at Templeton Hall. We were so charmed and refreshed by the end of it all.

Meanwhile, the kids loved being spoiled at their grandparents house... it was a win-win-win for all!
Taking time out for romance is the best refresher for a marriage with young kids. If you haven't already, plan a kid-free weekend to recharge your batteries, reconnect with your spouse, and come back to parenting with a new energy.

What do you do to refresh your parental batteries?

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