Thursday, July 31, 2014

Recipe: Moong Daal Soup and Quinoa-Polenta with Veggies

I'm still trying to eat right & light, so it's been interesting to think of yummy vegetarian dinners that are satisfying but low on carbs. Salads are always a good choice, but just to switch it up, last night I made a very hearty and protein-rich Moong Daal Soup and Quinoa-Polenta, topped with bell peppers, spinach and onions.

I always improvise most of my cooking, especially when making Indian or Indian inspired dishes. As long as you have the basics -- lentils, turmeric, red masala, salt, cilantro and lemon -- this dish will be delicious. I loosely followed this recipe, using a pressure cooker. For those who are intimidated by Indian cooking, I'd suggest that you invest in the essential spices (turmeric, cumin seeds, red masala, asafetida), a pressure cooker, and stock up on a variety of rices... and I promise that you can make some great Indian dishes at home. This soup cooks in less than half hour, ideal for any weeknight. The bonus is that my kids love this Moong Daal too. I just separate a bit for them before I spice ours, since they can't take the heat that hubby and I enjoy. Puree for the kids, add brown rice, and its a very nutritious meal for any age.

I used store-bought Quinoa Polenta, and just sliced it into round pieces, sautéed in my favorite -- avocado oil, along with spinach, bell peppers, and onions. You just have to cook until everything is wilted and soft, add a dash of your favorite seasonings, and this is ready to go. So easy, so quick! Just how I like it.

These two dishes paired so well together! Try them sometime :)


  1. This looks so delicious; I can't wait to try this! I just ran into your blog and am really enjoying it. I guess we have a few things in common - raising two girls in the city, an Indian palate, love of fashion : ) I'll definitely be stopping by regularly.

  2. Thanks so much Surabhi, I'm so glad you're enjoying it. Please do stop by again soon!