Thursday, August 14, 2014

Stitch Fix

For a busy working mom that has little time to shop in reality (thank goodness for late-night online shopping sprees!) or keep up with current trends, create outfits and keep her professional and weekend wardrobe up to date, there's nothing better than a personal stylist. And when that personal stylist only charges $20 to come up with five unique, personalized and stylish outfits... its a win win.

That's the concept behind Stitch Fix, an amazing, cost effective service that sends you five clothing items at a time (you can choose weekly or monthly subscriptions), that are tailored to your personal needs and style choices. Through an in-depth questionaire, the stylists at Stitch Fix get to know your budget, taste and clothing needs very well, and I was so surprised by the very on-point outfits they created just for me. 

I loved the little outfit cards that came along with the clothes in my box, with ideas of how to dress up or down each item with pieces and accessories that you probably have in your own closet. Even if you don't keep all or any of the items, these little style cards will teach you a lot about putting together a great look. 

I really did love everything that was sent to me, but ended up keeping the striped skirt and amazing tank top that I've already worn so much. If you choose to keep any of the items in the box, the $20 fee is waived. Score! If you choose to keep all five of the items, there's a 25% discount on all of them. Double score! I found the items to be very reasonably priced (between $40-$100) and I loved that there was no committment. I already can't wait for my next box! 

Such a fun way to "shop" -- try it sometime!


  1. So cool and practical! I have also hired a great tailor recently to take existing wardrobe pieces and re-create them into new looks since we have limited closet space! He adds fun fabric and embellishments to make a summer outfit into a fall one or turn a favorite dress into a tunic. It's a great way to refresh pieces I already own