Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Trendy Tuesdays

Just stopping in to share a few finds that make parenting just a little easier (and even cuter)...

Emily Press Preschool Shoe Labels

Jiya is becoming more and more independent every day -- from using the toilet on her own, to using her imagination to play with her dollhouse to working on a puzzle by herself, she is certainly ready for pre-school to officially begin. One of the things she loves to do every morning is to put on her own shoes! While its super-adorable to hear her say "right or wrong?!" every time she tries to put her left shoe on her right foot, I love that there is an effective and cute solution to this problem via this ingenious shoe labels!

They are so cute and easy to affix, and help pre-schoolers determine which shoe to put on what foot. I can't wait to use these with Jiya -- she will feel so grown up when she can properly put her shoes on for herself!

 Zip Pouch Squeez'Ems

Now you don't have to compromise home-made purees while on-the go. This re-usable pouch stores food in a easy to clean, easy to use and fun to eat out of zip pouch. Great for babies and toddlers alike.

Pink Chicken's Maya Dress

So sweet for fall! This is going to be on my back-to-school must have list :) I love Pink Chicken's soft and durable cotton clothes... perfect for passing on to the little one!

Totally Pregnant App

This modern, user-friendly app tells you everything you need to know from pregnancy to conception, linking you with other mom-bloggers, answering your crazy questions, even offering in-app purchases like instructional yoga videos! Almost makes me wish I were pregnant again. I said almost!

What have you been loving lately?

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