Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Trendy Tuesdays

 I hope you all enjoy this series as much as I do. I love to find new and relevant mom and baby products that bring smiles to all of our faces! Here are a few great finds:

Talk, Read, Sing
I'm currently obsessing over these adorable onesies that remind parents and caregivers to talk to their babies! And since holding one-sided conversations can get a bit monotonous, these adorable illustrations are filled with prompts and ideas to get you going...

Talking to your baby, pointing out everyday items and singing songs or telling stories can significantly improve their vocabulary, boost brain development and give them important basic skills for life. These are smart clothes. Literally. Perfectly educational and equally cute!

A Little Bundle
If you're looking for a new baby or baby shower gift, check out A Little Bundle, a wonderful subscription to mom and baby products that are unique and high-quality. Some of these beautiful pieces are exclusive and most are necessities! This will be a fun surprise for any new mom.

Dinner: The Playbook
I have been a long time follower of the amazing food and family blog, Dinner: A Love Story, so naturally am stoked for her newest book which comes out today! Dinner: The Playbook is filled with 80 family friendly recipes that I can't wait to dig into. Happy kids, happy husband, happy mommy!

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