Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Trendy Tuesdays

Today I'm sharing a few practical items I couldn't live without. Back to school is so much easier with these!


My girls are fortunate to have thick, luscious locks - but brushing and styling their hair, especially during their wriggly-can't-sit-still years, is a chore I am just not up for most mornings! Our lives have been so much easier since I discovered this amazing detangling, gentle hairbrush. I even got an extra for myself!

My kids love getting little massages before bath time, and for those, I love to use this Organic Coconut Oil which is the best beauty product I've discovered. It makes their skin even softer than it already is, and everyone loves the smell. It's so soothing before bed time and I'm glad to say bye to dry and patchy skin! I also use this for cooking -- its delicious in stir fries, fried rice, or any where you would use olive oil. We all love coconut oil and seriously can't get enough...

Tivolo Sandwich Shaper

Nothing makes a sandwich more fun than shaping it into a train and boat, or a butterfly. This is unreasonably fun for both moms and kids alike.
What products make your life simpler, especially in the mornings?

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