Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Living Room Update

I'm Back!

Sorry for being MIA on the blog lately. Still getting the hang of this working mom of two kids thing, and time has been getting away from me these days. 

I do have a lot to share and am excited to begin by telling you about our new living room updates! I am so happy to have this brighter, more youthful space for our family to lounge around in. Getting rid of the marble coffee table has been such a relief -- although I had a bumper and custom cover, its just not possible to baby proof that thing enough! The new velvet X benches are so much more handy to use as a coffee table, perch, or ottoman... and they are perfectly safe to bump into as well.

I'm glad we got to use the purple chairs we already had, and swapped out our strong and comfy but incredibly worn and dated leather sectional for lighter couches that suit our needs so much better. We wanted to keep the costs low since our kids are still in the phase of ruining furniture with sticky hands, art projects and juice spills. But the fabric of these couches is wonderfully resilient -- you can even wipe red wine right off! Allegedly. Stay tuned for more on that.

We love color and find the silk pink/orange curtains really brighten our space. We kept them sleek and simple so the focus remains on our incredible view. While the furniture is somewhat modern and youthful, the detailed rug is very traditional, lending itself to many styles. 

The little martini tables are so fun and handy! They are easy to move around depending on our needs, and not too sharp or heavy so they are pretty kid-friendly. I had a great time playing around with colors and textures for the throw pillows, and although it's all still a work in progress, I am so pleased with the results.

Since both of us often work or catch up on reading while we relax in the evenings, the lighting is very important to us. We already had two amazing holtketter floor lamps, along with a Safavieh lamp, and adding an elegant and targeted light helped light the area so much.

What do you think of our new space?

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